sa bai dee!

We debuted and made lots of new friends here:  Patchwork Show:  Edible Edition!

Had so much fun here:  Patchwork Show:  Long Beach

Going to be here next:  Patchwork Show:  Oakland

Then off to here: Patchwork Show:  Santa Ana

We heart Patchwork!


6 thoughts on “sa bai dee!

  1. Justin Dupee says:

    Mike’s concern is the same as mine. Had one today at Patchwork and it was absolutely fantastic. Can they be ordered?jus

    • Hi Justin! Thanks so much for stopping by! Hand-making sausages is terribly inefficient so we barely make enough for each show. Who would’ve thunk it? 🙂 We’re going to be at the Oakland #PatchworkShow this Sunday then back in So. Cal at the Santa Ana Patchwork Show on December 1st. Do come by. We’ll be sure to feed you well. 🙂

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